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allaine77 in bicurious_shoes

FIC: Adorable Little Lesbian, Chapter One (Liz/Jenna, Liz/Gretchen?)

Title: Adorable Little Lesbian (1/2)
Author: allaine77
Pairing/Character: Liz/Jenna, Liz/Gretchen?
Rating: PG (profanity)
Disclaimers: All characters belong to NBC and "30 Rock".
Summary: People thought Liz was a lesbian all her life, and damn it, she wasn't going to accommodate them. Even if they might have been right.
Spoilers/Season/Episode etc : Spoilers for Season One, "Blind Date"
X-post: 30rockfanfic
Note: I've seen all of Season Four so far, but other than that, I've only seen the first three episodes of Season One. So this is my first 30 Rock fic. But considering how accurately Jack reads Liz in the first two episodes, I just can't believe he'd be so wrong in Episode Three.


Chapter One

Gretchen sighed as she waited for a taxicab to pull over. How had she allowed this to happen? Granted, it wasn't really Liz' fault. She'd gone into this wanting to be friends with Gretchen, had told Gretchen she was straight, had never suggested she wanted to be more than friends with Gretchen. If Liz had done anything wrong, it was being so fucking needy. It was obvious that she was starved for female friends, considering how many activities Liz had planned for them.

She wondered why Liz had so few close relationships. God knew, there had been a lot about her that attracted Gretchen to her - smart, funny, endearing - adorable really, hot as hell (especially in those glasses).

Maybe it was due to the fact that Liz was a total neurotic.

Which was why Gretchen was walking away. She couldn't allow herself to fall for some neurotic straight girl. She had no intention of becoming the romantic interest in Kissing Liz Lemon.

"Gretchen! Gretchen, wait!"

Oy. Now what?

"Look, I'm sorry about the cooking class," Gretchen said as Liz came running over. She must have had a heck of a metabolism, because Liz was clearly not the most athletic person in the world.

"No, it's not that," Liz said. "Although, you know, I had to buy a pot. How the hell am I going to fit that in my microwave? But look, just for the record, you said you couldn't be around me because you didn't want to fall for a straight girl." She looked up at Gretchen hopefully with an expression that reminded her of a puppy. "So, I mean, if I was gay, then you would have . . .?"

Yep, puppy dog eyes. Head writer of a prime-time TV show on a major network, and yet completely lacking in self-esteem when it came to her personal life. And yet Gretchen - "Yes, I would have pursued a relationship with you."

Liz was a bit of a fixer-upper, but it wasn't like she'd shared a bed with the same person two nights in a row during the last few years. And she wasn't twenty-three any more.

"Wow," Liz replied. "You really are the opposite of all my past boyfriends. Usually they leave because they're not interested any more. You're leaving because now you are."

Gretchen chuckled.

"Maybe, I don't know, if I ever make a life-altering decision like the one you were hoping for, I could call you?"

That was never going to happen, so it was easy for Gretchen to avoid kicking the puppy and say that yes, Liz could call her in the event that happened.

She'd kick Jack instead.

Jenna returned from her three-day sickout, quite positive that everyone had missed her and that they would appreciate her now. Apparently, however, the only person who noticed she was back was Kenneth, and frankly he was just creepy enough that Jenna didn't want him noticing her comings and goings.

So work sucked and the empty home wasn't much better. She was almost starting to regret putting the cats down.

"Jenna. So nice you're feeling better."

Jenna whirled around. "Jack!" she gasped. Good God, Tracy could take ninja lessons from the man. Although it was nice that the big boss man had noticed.

"Hemorrhoids flaring up, I assume?" he asked.

She flinched. "It was just a virus!"

"I see. That would make sense, you're even paler than usual. Look, may I be blunt with you? That's a rhetorical question, Jenna, I just hope you know that I appreciate the fact that you've allowed yourself to become second fiddle to our new star," Jack told her, his words like a force of nature that you couldn't respond to until it had passed on.

Jenna smiled grudgingly. "Well, when you changed the name of the show, there wasn't much else I could do."

"You could have quit. There are other acting roles out there. I hear they're looking for new faces on Deal or No Deal."

"This studio is my home, Jack," she said, congratulating herself for not swallowing her own tongue.

"Quit, Jenna. In case I wasn't being blunt enough. It would be best for both of us," Jack replied.

She gaped at him. "How would quitting be best for me?"

"I can't fire you, because Liz has my promise in writing that I won't. But you still don't test well with males over 11. So I'll see to it that your number of lines is systematically reduced. In a couple months your only sketch will be your recurring 'cat lady' character, complete with live cats."

Jenna put a hand to her cheek instinctively. "It's not a recurring character."

"I can make it that way."

"But Liz won't - "

"Sure, Liz will fight it. Because you're her best friend, right? But friendships can only stretch so far. It's a cutthroat world we live in, Jenna. You're only as good as your last hit. Close friends can become friends, and friends can become casual acquaintances, and casual acquaintances don't really care that much when people start getting four minutes of screen time. Liz will break," Jack assured her. "I know it. It's not like you're sleeping with her or anything. Quit while you're still somewhat relevant."

Jenna supposed she should have been intimidated by this, but she wasn't. She was in fact outraged. She wouldn't be intimidated for at least another five minutes, when her knees would give way and she would send Kenneth out for a box of wine. "I won't quit, Jack," she promised. "I'll survive whatever you dish out. And when that happens, while Tracy is acting out some insane new idea, like putting park benches in the middle of Broadway, you'll know I deserve to be star of this show again."

And then she stormed off.

Jack watched her go. Phase One complete. Sorry Lemon, but I never go back and make changes to personnel files. That's why I write them in marker . . . and she might be onto something with that park bench idea.

"Jenna," Liz said, surprised. "What's going on?"

"May I come in?"

"Sure! Um, just give me a second." It was the first time there were two people in her apartment since Dennis, and frankly it was starting to show it.

"You're not one of those hoarders, are you?" Jenna asked doubtfully as she took in the mess.

"Ha. No," Liz replied. "I just haven't gotten around to throwing those TV dinner boxes out."

"In three weeks?"

"So!" Liz said brightly, if a bit desperately. "What brings you here?"

Jenna looked sympathetic, which immediately scared her. "I heard Gretchen broke up with you."

Liz stared at her, dumbfounded. "What - who said - I wasn't - we were just - "

"I'm worried about you, Liz," Jenna continued. "Let's face it, you have about as good a track record with straight guys as I do with gay guys. You're hurting and you're vulnerable, and the Dennises of the world will catch you on the rebound and take advantage of you."

"I'm not hurting, and Gretchen was only - "

"I think it's important that you have some kind of transition relationship," Jenna explained. "Something to help you land gently from this new breakup, instead of hitting the ground like a plane with no landing gear like you did with Dennis. You need to be with someone who actually cares about you, but who isn't expecting a long-term relationship."

"Look, Jenna," Liz began to say, although in truth she was touched that Jenna was expressing such concern for her. If also a little mortified at the way Jenna had described her love life.

"I'm here for you, Liz," Jenna said.

Liz was already too discombobulated to resist when Jenna grabbed her by the waist with both hands, pulled her closer, and kissed her on the lips.

To be continued . . .

Sincerely, Allaine


oh, that was a hoot. there has been so little new 30 rock fic lately. i'm so excited at the possibility of more!
Haha! It's been ages since I've last read 30rock fic.. This is great! It's almost scary how well I can see that scene between Jenna and Jack happening =)
Aw, squee for 30 Rock fic and squee for Liz Lemon getting smooches, even creepy Jenna smooches. Nicely done.
Wow, not just 30Rock femslash, but 30Rock femslash with more than one part! Loved Jenna picking that up from what Jack said. Looking forward to the next bit.

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